Our Teachers

Ms. Eva (School Director)

Ms. Eva is the Founder of Eva Music and Dance School since 2014. Lead Instructor of Dance, Active Bay Area Educator. Music Education Hunan Normal University. Born into a musical and dance family, Yi’s enthusiasm to music drives her entire life chapter 35 years Music and Dance Teaching Experience. Students get rewards in the national competition.

Cici Yan (Class Manger)

Cici has 15 years of teaching experience. Her music Education is from Xinghai Conservatory of Music. As a certified teacher she develops a harmonious personality of each student, to inculcate a love of music, to teach to understand and appreciate music, to raise a highly intelligent and spiritual person.

Kiki Li (Piano Director)

More than 10 years of experience. Music Composition, Xinghai Conservatory of Music. Her strong affinity, meticulous care and enormous passion are well known among parents, who relied on her to develop kid’s music potential and also cultivate their early stage characters.

Gabriel (Guitar Director)

San Francisco State University- B.M. Jazz performance. He has 6 years of teaching experience. Nuevo Cani Latin Jazz Band; Blondies Bar, San Francisco, CA 2015-Present. Pete Jacobs Big Band: The music of Frank Sinatra; Santa Rosa, CA 2017

Eddy Guo (Drum Director)

Music Production,Academy of Art University, SF. Percussion instrument,Shengyang Conservatory of Music. More than 10 years of experience, Certify Teacher.

Ceci Wu (Piano Teacher)

Ceci has an M.A. in Music from the California State University East Bay, CA. and 8 years of teaching experience. ABRAM, Guide Test Teacher.

Sam Liu (Drum Teacher)

Sam started hus Drum lessons from just 6 years old. He has a lot of work experience as a musician and teacher. Sam currently serves as manager of Dudu Drum Program.

Bruce Li ( Violin & Ukulele Teacher)

Individual artist from China, Learning violin since 5 years old, 10 years orchestra playing experience. Working for several awards film productions as sound designer. Individual artist with extraordinary ability in the arts or extraordinary achievement in motion picture or television industry people in the US.

Coco (Dance Instructor)

Coco has been engaged in dance education for nearly 20 years. The Chinese Dance Choreographer of Beijing Dance Academy has graduated; the Chinese Dancers Association registered teachers (1~10), the national review of sports dance, and the honorary title of “Outstanding Individual” by the Chinese Dancers Association. She has established a number of dance schools in China, and her teaching experience is very rich. Her students have won several top prizes in various competitions and sent many outstanding dance talents to the higher school.

Becky Hsu (Dance & Fitness Instructor

Becky graduated from California State University. She has a strong dance and fitness background and a certified Zumba instructor. AFAA-Mat Science Certified Instructor. More than 10 years of experience.


Mia has 10 years of performing arts experience. She has participated in the performance of the Starry Campus Cup won the third prize of the competition, the first prize of the fifth modern dance Zhou Tang Dancer in the Tao Li Cup Dance Competition. Has participated in large-scale performances, star dances, etc. Mia mantra is to “Inspire Greatness” in every student’s life she teaches.