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Welcome to the Eva Music & Dance School. We offer engaging lessons in piano, guitar, violin, drum, and dance, for adults and children of all ages.

We take pride in our strong faculty. Our teachers graduated from Conservatory of Music and Dance with certifications and have many years of teaching experience.


Our students can learn and practice music on many levels, test their skills, and participate invarious competitions.

Music Lessons: Piano  – Violin  –  Guitar –  Drums – Guzheng ​ ​- Music Theory  – Vocal (Singing)  –  and more!


We provide a large beautiful professional dance room for our children to practice and learn various dance.  Our teachers instruct children to learn to dance from basic.

Dance Lessons:  Ballet – Hip Hop – Latin Dance – National Dance (Folk Dance) – and more!

Join today! Feel free to inquire about other lessons not listed above, please call: 510-358-1624  or email: